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I wouldn’t normally commend the reading of People Magazine to all of you. I mean, really, how much do we need to know about Hollywood stars and their personal lives and habits?

But in the issue currently on newsstands (with a woman on the cover who was a child actress on the TV show Full House who was a meth addict and is now a mom!?!) there is a little article tucked into the very back of the magazine that you ought to read. This little story should be the one on the cover, in my opinion.

Rick and Christina FriesenIt has a theme of love and redemption.  It’s the story of the Friesen family, and the adoption of Christina after she came into their lives through a “chance” meeting on an airplane.  It’s a beautiful story, and though it doesn’t say it explicitly in this particular article, it’s a wonderful portrait of the gospel — how God loved us, chose us as his own sons and daughters, and gave us a new name and a home with him.

Rick, Annette, and Christina Friesen all work here at Peacemaker Ministries, and their story has touched each of us. I’m hoping to get the Friesens to tell the unvarnished version of their story (you know, the one where they get to give God all the credit) in a future issue of Peacemaker Magazine.  But for now, we’re thrilled that this testimony of God’s amazing work gets a little bit of exposure to the rest of the world.

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I've been on staff with Peacemaker Ministries since 2000, working with IT, web, communications, and marketing. I currently serve as Director of Marketing and Communications (though my background is in engineering... go figure!). I'm a lay leader at my church, I'm married to Tara (who you might know as co-author of the book Peacemaking Women), and I'm the father of two little girls. My life is rich with opportunities to observe conflict and reconciliation!

4 thoughts on “Our People in People

  1. I read the story a couple of days ago and recognized “Peacemaker Ministries” right away. Awesome story and a wonderful example of the love of Jesus!

  2. I first heard the story on Moody Radio and was fascinated and moved. I then read the story and saw their picutures in People magazine. What a wonderful family and ending to an otherwise tragic story. I applaud the Friesens for their unselfishness. They could be in the “glory” years of their life and instead found the love Christina needed in their hearts to adopt her. I also praise Christina. This is a hard and ever changing road for her. At 15 to adapt to new surrondings and “fit” into a new life style is difficult for anyone much less a teen.

    I wish the very best to all of you and pray Gods’ Angels surround and protect you and may God give your family many blessings through Christina. I pray she will be filled with Gods’ spirit and serve Him always.

  3. Rick, Annette & Christina,

    I was truly touched that your chance meeting made you a family! If Oprah’s show was true showing the actual company aircraft that flew you that day and you met on an American Eagle flight, I’m even more touched! I have 20 years with American Airlines and am so happy to hear about the wonderful stories that develop on our aircraft! We love our customers and more-so love the dreams we help come true!

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and and happy New Year!


  4. First People magazine and now Oprah this evening. I never watch Oprah, but I was channel surfing and this story caught my eye. And then it filled my eyes with tears. What a fabulous story. Renews my heart.

    God bless and Merry Christmas,

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