Quarterly Harvest Report – Q3

We recently sent our financial partners the third edition of our new publication—our Quarterly Harvest Report. It is always a joy to see this update of the ways God is using Peacemaker Ministries around the world and to give supporters a means to evaluate how we’ve stewarded the resources they’ve shared with us.

Click through the link/graphic below to see the exciting things that went on in the third quarter of this year because friends like you support Peacemaker Ministries.

Quarterly Harvest Report – Jul-Sep 2012

And as you might imagine, a generous financial gift would be timely and helpful to us as we approach the end of the year. We’d be grateful to be able to add you to the list of people who support Peacemaker Ministries.

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I've been on staff with Peacemaker Ministries since 2000, working with IT, web, communications, and marketing. I currently serve as Director of Marketing and Communications (though my background is in engineering... go figure!). I'm a lay leader at my church, I'm married to Tara (who you might know as co-author of the book Peacemaking Women), and I'm the father of two little girls. My life is rich with opportunities to observe conflict and reconciliation!

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