Mar 25 2013

Remarkably Different: Gaining Ground in Relationships, a Message from Paul Tripp

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Welcome back to another installment of our “Remarkably Different” series as we look forward to our 2013 Peacemaker Conference in Columbus, OH this September. This time we are sharing a message written by keynote speaker Paul Tripp.


Paul has written extensively on relationships on his blog, authored several books and speaks on the topic of relationships. We are all involved in relationships but often times find ourselves disappointed with the relationships that we are in. Sometimes we wish our relationships were further along, sometimes we get stuck in the same old rut of relationships and sometimes relationships take a downward turn. How do we gain ground in our relationships instead of losing ground? Paul Tripp presents 4 ways to better the relationships that we find ourselves in. He reminds us of the key role our hearts play in our relationships. One of the points that stuck out most to me was this:

3. Determine to focus on yourself.

No, I’m not counseling you to be selfish – I’m encouraging you to be humble. Good relationships are the result of both people being committed to personal change and growth. Self-examination is a key way you demonstrate love for the other person. It’s very easy to be all-too-satisfied with yourself, while being irritated and impatient with the weaknesses of another. When you have two people who are committed to heart change, the relationship will change and grow as well.

I encourage you to read the whole blog post; it is well worth your time and will have a huge impact on your everyday relationships.

I also encourage you to join us in September to hear from Paul directly. We don’t want to have the type of relationships that you find in the world where gossip, unforgiveness, brokenness, selfishness, and pride reign. Instead we want to have “remarkably different” relationships that, though broken and fallen at times, show the redemptive power of the Gospel to remind ourselves and those that we are in relationship with that Jesus came to bring us hope and healingĀ in this sinful world. The Gospel makes the difference in our relationships. How will you let it transform your relationships today?

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